Film added to the Archive - Taratantara

In the summer of 1999 Anish Kapoor's giant structure Taratantara became the first piece of artwork to exhibit in the new Baltic Centre for contemporary art. The impressive structure that filled the void left by the remains of Baltic Flour Mill builing, was designed to mark the transition from the Baltic's old life as a flour mill to its future as a centre for art. The film presents interviews with the artist explaining his vision and creation, and illustrated through stunning visual shots shows the demanding challenge that faced those turning this vision into a reality. Produced by Media 19.

'I wanted to turn the building inside out. The engineer Neil Thomas and I came up with a membrane form with a geometry which changes from rectangular to circular. Because of the way the form narrows, there is foreshortening of the space. The end, which is about 15 metres by 40 metres, tapers to a circular tube of 8 metres in diameter. The building from the outside appears to be half as long as it really is. Entering the interior is like going to the Grand Canyon. The space expands. There is a sense of the outside being smaller than the inside.'

- Anish Kapoor

Installed at The Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead. Film Produced by Media19