Murray serves up new clothes line with Chadstone roof as back drop

Unveiling his sponsor Under The Armour's latest clothes line at Chadstone Shopping Centre, Melbourne, Andy Murray poses for a photo shoot on the iconic roof. 

Atelier One advises at Kresge Auditorium

Atelier One were honoured to help enable the performance of the historic musical event 'Imagination Off The Charts' by Jacob Collier and MIT, at Eero Saarinen's world famous Kresge Auditorium, by advising on the suspension of a ground breaking PA system hanging from the concrete shell roof. 

Gardens by the Bay featured on Planet Earth 2 with David Attenborough

We are thrilled that the Gardens by the Bay Super Trees featured on Planet Earth’s sixth and final episode on Sunday – Cities. During the episode, Singapore is named as the city richer with species than any other in the world and Gardens by the Bay Super Trees as perhaps the most spectacular example of city greening.

Is this a vision of our cities of the future? It could be possible to see wildlife thriving in our cities across the planet
— David Attenborough

Chadstone expansion now complete

We are pleased to announce that the latest Chadstone Shopping Centre extension has officially opened in Melbourne, Australia.

Atelier One designed the feature gridshell roof.

Video courtesy of Pro Build

Ikea Museum opens in Sweden

Atelier One carried out the initial structural assessment and structural engineering development for the newly opened Ikea Museum. The Museum is built within the first ever Ikea store in Sweden which opened in 1958. 

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